The non-sewing Mom.

I can’t sew.

My Mother kind of tried to teach me. FACS class in middle school tried to teach me. I actually broke every machine in the sewing classroom at one point or another so I just kept rotating around acting like I didn’t know what happened. I ended the semester with a B- and a really ugly gym bag.

It just does not mesh with me. I have terrible fine motor skills and no patience for tedious tasks.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that if a button falls off then that garment is done.

This presents a few problems when you are a Mom. Kids get super attached to clothing items, stuffed animals, etc. They want it fixed. Thankfully my husband has come to the rescue for minor fixes in our family. That’s right, Clint is our family seamstress. He sews on buttons and fixes holes in items. Whenever we stay in a hotel he even gets an extra sewing kit from the front desk! Husband lottery, won.

Halloween has a way of really throwing my lack of sewing prowess back in my face. Thankfully there is amazon prime and pretty much every children’s costume you can imagine is readily available to be shipped to your house within 2 days.

But sometimes your child wants to be something that doesn’t exist on the internet.


That’s right, the sea witch from the Little Mermaid. Kate was insistent on being her when she was 2 years old. (Totally normal, right?)

It turns out that not many toddler girls desire to be Disney villains for Halloween. As a result, there are no pre-made costumes for Ursula the Sea Witch.

After multiple attempts of trying to convince her to be something else, she wasn’t budging. So I set about figuring out how to make a Ursula costume without using a needle and thread.

Kate had a light purple dress at the time and Ursula’s skin is light purple so we had a base of a costume. Win! Next we needed some tentacles. I had the brilliant idea of stuffing black dress socks with newspaper and safety pinning them to her dress. Super classy. Ursula also had a shell necklace, conveniently I also had a shell necklace that Kate could wear. Costume made. Here was the final product.


Obviously being a make-up artist for a squirmy two-year-old is not my next career either.

If you can’t sew, don’t sweat it, just pray that your child chooses to be something that has already been made by a professional. If not, they will have even more potential pictures for a senior slide show someday. Or to explain to their future husband why they are the way they are.



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