Worst Dental Health Mom Ever: A Cautionary Tale

I’ve learned something revolutionary that I need to share with you.

You have to regularly brush and floss your small child’s teeth. I mean, even when they are a baby.

After you read that last line, you found yourself in one of two groups. One of these groups is the one that knows this, does this, and is baffled/disgusted that I didn’t realize this. The other group is the one that when their friend said something about flossing their 15-month-old’s teeth…you laughed out loud.

I’m in the second group. I distinctly remember a conversation a few years ago in which one of my friends mentioned flossing their 2-year-old’s teeth. I had truly and honestly never even THOUGHT about flossing my 2-year-old’s teeth. That sounded utterly impossible to me. I just laughed and said “Why? They’re just temps anyways!” 

There were other warnings along the way. For instance, when my pediatrician would ask at well-checks if my child had seen the dentist yet. I found myself chuckling at this question. I probably should have realized it then that maybe my lack of discipline with my child’s dental health needed some adjustments.

I finally made a dentist appointment for my oldest (Kate) when she was 4. It was an epic disaster. Kate flipped out when the hygienist started touching her mouth and pretty much ended up verbally assaulting the poor woman.

So, after that unsuccessful attempt at the dentist, we just didn’t try again. BTW, that’s probably not the best value to instill in your child “Oh, you don’t like that? Just never do it again!” Hindsight’s 20/20.

Fast-forward to present day. Kate turns 6 next month. A few weeks ago she told me that it hurt to eat on one side of her mouth. So I took a look…at her visible cavity. I finally made a dental appointment for her. The overall damage? 6 cavities. $1600 worth of dental work. Cue the guilt for being the worst dental health Mom ever.

Now, there are some really sexy ways to spend your money. Car repairs, a new water heater, energy efficient windows, just to name a few. But $1600 for TEETH THAT ARE GOING TO FALL OUT? That takes the cake.

So friends, don’t make the same mistakes as me. Brush when you don’t feel like brushing, floss when it sounds like the most preposterous idea in the world…because nobody needs to drop 4 figures on baby teeth.